Extensive Network
of Finders and Suppliers

Tridge Finders fully leverage their industry expertise as well as business connections and knowledge of the language and culture to uncover suppliers that may not be visible or are difficult to identify.

Pinpointing the Right Product
via Big-Data Analysis

Tridge extensively collects and analyzes global trends and price information through rigorous big-data analysis, enabling the pinpointing which products are on high demand while being most price-competitive.

Purchase Your Product Based on
Extensive Market Information & Intelligence

We collect and analyze product and market information from all over the world, which includes retail & wholesale price, seasonality, and trade volume, in order to locate the most appropriate supplier.


Extensive Sourcing Coverage

Gain immediate access to suppliers from over countries and their vast range of products with minimum effort and resource. Suppliers in Tridge’s global network are verified for credibility by our local experts, the “Finders”.

Credibility & Trust

Tridge Finders’ local expertise enables a consistent inflow of “real” suppliers whose online presence is limited or whose credibility cannot be verified online, minimizing the risk of potential scam.

Big Data Analaysis & Intelligence

Tridge’s management of extensive big-data provides real-time global trend analysis, enabling buyers to identify potential arbitrage and/or new trade opportunities in countries or regions that are not easily visible.





Ensuring a sustainable supply of commodities requires to streamline all the elements of the supply chain. Since some of the products are occasionally or rarely produced, strong relationships with a number of reliable suppliers are necessary. Tridge has successfully established an extensive business network in each local region with the support from our Tridge Finders. Having wide accesses to both demand and supply sides, we ultimately strive to balance the flow between them and enhance the world’s trade equilibrium.

Tridge Supplier Partnership

Based on years of professional sourcing operations and supplier partnership programs, Tridge has collaborated with more than global suppliers and accumulated the most competitive prices. Tridge is committed to helping local suppliers connect with the right buyers around the world.

We work with  suppliers & manufacturers in over countries

Are you a supplier or manufacturer?

You can promote your products and gain access to more customers through our "Finders." With our global network of "Finders" we are able to cover many products and sales channels in many regions.

Tridge is transforming the way
businesses connect globally

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