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We help businesses effectively & safely source food and agricultural products from global markets while empowering buyers with extensive Market Intelligence for better decision-making.
What You Can Do in Tridge
Discover global sourcing opportunities
Source food and agriculture products efficiently from over 70 countries. We help you effectively identify the right suppliers, receive offers with competitive prices, and ultimately get connected with verified parties in up to 70 countries.
Market Intelligence
Know markets better to source your products better
Extensive data coverage for your well-rounded understanding of various products and markets. Our intelligence and data cover a wide range of products and span across multiple countries. Many types of data are available for you to explore. Many are available for free while some are premium data.
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Join our community where everyone can access answers to their imminent agriculture or trade-related inquiries from our verified pool of experts. Tridge Experts will answer their specialty questions, ensuring the quality of answers you are looking for.