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We help importers around the world understand the global market of food & agriculture, get connected with the right suppliers and transact with them easily.
Global Intelligence
Discover everything you need and make informed purchase decisions with our comprehensive global intelligence.
Trusted Ecosystem
Purchase and import with confidence by joining our trusted global trade community consisting of only verified parties.
Enterprise Application
Manage your purchasing, communicate with suppliers, collaborate with your team, for free, with our tools designed for buyers.
Global Network
Take advantage of our global human network built over the years to deliver values to our buyers on a continuous basis.
Global Intelligence

Source intelligently,
with global intelligences

Discover everything you need and make informed purchase decisions with our comprehensive global intelligence.
Sourcing Solution For Buyer

Source from anywhere with "Tridge Sourcing Infrastructure"

Enjoy your unprecedented global sourcing capabilities without the need to build your global infrastructure and human network from scratch.

What is "Tridge Sourcing Infrastructure"?

Tridge provides a sourcing infrastructure designed to help buyers efficiently source any kinds of food and agricultural products from the global market. In this study, we will refer to this infrastructure as "Tridge Sourcing Infrastructure" or "TSI."
The foundation of TSI is built upon three pillars: an extensive network of local professionals, a community of verified suppliers, and a comprehensive collection of market intelligence. The synergetic relationship among these three is the cornerstone of its capability to deliver unique value to Tridge’s clients, boosting their overall competitiveness in the global market.
Through TSI, buyers can get matched, be connected, and communicate with verified suppliers from almost any markets without the need to extend their current sourcing teams or invest heavily in building their own global sourcing network. All they need to do is merely sending their sourcing inquiries to Tridge. Those inquiries then will be sophisticatedly channeled through TSI reaching local professionals and suppliers in a way that maximizes the probability of the buyers getting connected with the right suppliers and receiving the best possible offers.
saved operation cost per year
return on investment
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How our infrastructure can help you source better.

Global Human Operations
Our sourcing capability is enabled by our network of local experts who deliver your inquiries to and bring you offers from local suppliers in different countries.
Verified Suppliers
We put our earnest effort to foster trust within our global trading community through our supplier verification to let you do business with reliable business partners only.
Data-Driven Sourcing
Once your sourcing inquiry is submitted to us, we analyze our in-depth market intelligence and data to identify not only the best sourcing destinations but also the best suppliers

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