Transforming the way businesses connect globally

We offer solutions to help importers and exporters trade smarter.
Our mission is to apply the latest technologies to help bridge the gap between global supply and demand in international trades.

Tridge's extensive global network at a glance

We operate and maintain business networks of trusted partners at scale. This allows us to fulfill our mission to connect buyers and suppliers globally. Here is an overview of our global partners.

Investors who invested in our mission

How we can help your business

For Importers

Whether you are a new or an established business, we can help you take your purchasing and sourcing operations to the next level. Our solutions are ideal for importers who want to:
Explore new or strategic markets to source products from
Discover new or alternative suppliers in other countries
Work with verified and trustworthy suppliers
Aspire to improve current sourcing or purchasing operations

For Exporter

As a supplier, you can grow your business by discovering and capturing untapped opportunities overseas. We have designed our solutions to help you ultimately achieve such goal. They are ideal for exporters who want to:
Explore new or strategic markets to sell products to
Get connected with trustworthy buyers from other countries
Reduce costs for doing marketing to buyers overseas
Seek to enhance current overseas sales or export operations

Deep dive into what we offer

Explore our solutions to help your business grow.

Global trading platform

We offer a closed and private online trading platform to help our buyers and suppliers within our network get connected with each other easily. Our platform also allows you to effectively manage your data, communicate with your partners, and collaborate with people in your team.


Trusted business network

By becoming part of our trusted B2B community, you can rest assured that you will be able to deal with verified and trustworthy parties only. We adopt a standard for verifying and approving an extensive list of buyers and suppliers across industries and markets.

Extensive market intelligence

We collect a large amount of data for each product in each market on a daily basis. Such collection of data combined with our statistical analysis allows us to help you to uncover new opportunities in new markets.


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Tridge is transforming the way
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