Domestic Price Data

Increase price visibility to improve the control on your sourcing

Access wholesale and farmgate prices from over 400 trusted sources across the globe.

Get better visibility of the market

We help all stakeholders to overcome possible challenges that may come their way.

For Buyers

  • Identity key price movements of agri-food products in origin countries
  • Gain the key information to recognize opportunities for savings or renegotiation

For Suppliers

  • Identity key price movements of agri-food products in end-distribution markets
  • Identify opportunities to improve margins

For Analysts

  • Stay informed with updates on global trends of agri-food prices
  • Forecast and analyze the impact of price volatility on costs

Keep track of price trends and make better-informed decisions for your market


Most extensive coverage of wholesale price data in the world

We offer the most extensive coverage of wholesale market prices in the food and agriculture industry.

Data from reliable sources

We systematically collect and analyze prices from over 400 trusted sources globally. Our partners include producers, traders, government public sources, and local industry experts. We apply direct human operation and cutting-edge machine learning technology to ensure and manage big data quality.

Keep track of current and future price trends

Visualize your data to gain more insights into key trends and capture market opportunities on time. We offer a wide range of commodity market price indices that show current and upcoming price trends in the upcoming four weeks.

Download raw data for further analysis or request for price data API

Execute a more advanced analysis and flexible application of our price data by integrating the raw data with other data in CSV format. Tridge also provides the most comprehensive and powerful API to allow you to integrate our global price data and real-time insights into your business or application with ease.

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Our comprehensive Data & Analytics service empowers you with unparalleled insights into market trends, supply-chain dynamics, and more, enabling you to make informed decisions and confidently seize new opportunities.
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