Source food and agricultural products efficiently from over 80 countries

What is Fulfillment Solution?

Your one-stop solution where Tridge sources and delivers your needed products seamlessly.


Make order and payment
Deliver goods
Make order and payment
Deliver goods
Global trading platform Tridge


Efficient supply chains for acquiring food and agricultural products from different origins.

Quality Control

Distributed network of local people to assure product quality at different steps in our supply chains and shipment


Logistics necessary to make sure that our buyers get high-quality products without any hassle.

Streamlined Ordering with Tridge

Once you initiate an inquiry or order request, we take over by providing quotations, showcasing product options, and sharing logistics and delivery details. Your only task is to abide by the terms and conditions mutually agreed upon.
Countries of operation
Website visitors per month
Total inquiry volume (MTs) per month
Credibility & Reliability

Trust Tridge for a scam-free partnership

With Tridge Fulfillment Solution, you can confidently purchase directly from us, bypassing the risks of scams and multiple supplier hassles. As your trusted global supplier with a track record of successful transactions, we ensure your payments are always safe and reliable.
Credibility and Reliability
Site Inspection
Shipment Quality Control
Quality Control & Delivery

Ensure quality and smooth deliveries

Our global team oversees on-site supplier checks and shipment inspections. We handle all logistics from source to destination, paired with regular updates for seamless supply chain planning.
Tight Quality Control - Tridge

Tight Quality Control

With our highly distributed operation team consisting of our full-time employees in different countries, we are able to dispatch them to conduct on-site inspections to evaluate suppliers easily. The same goes for product inspection during shipment.
End-to-End Delivery - Tridge

End-to-End Delivery

Through Tridge Fulfillment Solution, we take care of every step of the physical delivery between a source and your destination. This means you don’t need to worry about logistics and shipment.
Transparent Updates - Tridge

Transparent Updates

As we take care of the logistics, we can send frequent updates on the progress of every shipment to help you better coordinate with other business functions in your company or plan your supply chain more precisely.
Product Origins & Specifications

Access a wide range of agri-food products from various origins

Product Origins - Tridge
Product Origins - Tridge
Through our Tridge Fulfillment Solution, you will essentially be tapping into the global supply of food and agricultural products from a wide range of sources available.
Purchasing from us broadens your product range and market reach, reducing dependence on few origins or local sources and ensuring a consistent supply even during market lows.

Value Comparison

Tridge Fulfillment Solution
Direct Sourcing
(Agent / Broker)
Product Sources & Specifications
Global product and spec coverage, year-long supply
Single origin and limited specifications
Single origin and limited specifications
Credibility & Risks
No risk of scam and fraud as all obligations are bounded to Tridge
Identification / credit or default risks
Identification / credit or default risks
Quality Control
Quality control at every step of delivery through Tridge’s global operations
Quality control limited to suppliers’ logistics coverage
Less incentive for quality control
Global and local coverage
Limited coverage / local access
Limited coverage / local access

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