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Buyer Engagement

Get your prices delivered. Engage your potential buyers.

Engage and attract potential buyers to your business by getting your indicative prices delivered to relevant buyers.
new potential buyers you can target monthly
countries where the potential buyers are from
How it works

Simple and straightforward price delivery.

Whether you want to boost your sales or clear your inventory, with our sales solution, all you need to do to start finding the right buyers is simply these 4 steps.
Prepare Supplier Profile
Make sure your supplier profile is complete with all the details and a list of products you can offer.
Send Out Your Prices
Start sending out prices for each of the products you listed. You can send out prices multiple times in a month.
Receive Inquiries
Buyers will see your products with your indicative prices on multiple channels. They will send you inquiries if they are interested.
Connect With Buyers
Once delivered, you will be able to start receiving inquiries and get connected with the buyers.
Why Tridge

Your prices delivered, efficiently and globally.

With this solution, you no longer need to just wait for an inquiry from a buyer. You can now proactively send out your prices to engage buyers to draw inquiries from them.

Global & Verified Buyers

Get connected with potential buyers from many countries around the globe. These buyers are attracted to our platform by our quality data and content in food and agriculture.
Most of the buyers are verified through various methods such as by providing documents or by payment.
This makes them highly relevant and valueable targets for you to reach out to.

Multiple Channels for Price Delivery

Unlike any other platform, we offer a novel way to target global B2B buyers in food and agriculture.
Our approach is made possible through the data we collected from the activities of potential buyers on our intelligence and trading platforms as shown here.
Buyer Dashboard
Our buyers frequent Tridge to stay current on the global market conditions. Their dashboard is the place they can also clearly see new price updates from suppliers of the products they are interested in. If your indicative offers can capture their attention, you can surely drive more customers to your business.
Your indicative prices are also delivered to potential buyers through our weekly newsletters containing insightful information about local markets that we periodically send out to them. Our newsletters have high click-through rate. It means that it’s likely that buyers will take actions when they see your indicative prices.
Your Profile
Along with many other details about your business, your prices can also featured on the products you listed on your profiles allowing you to extend your reach to more potential buyers.
Getting Started

Start now by submitting your prices.

Start engaging and attracting potential buyers to your business by getting your indicative prices delivered with our sales solution.