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Buyer Targeting Solution

Get your offers delivered to the right buyers.

Our targeted offer delivery solution can help you effortlessly get your offers delivered to the right potential buyers of food and agriculture products.
new potential buyers you can target daily
countries where the potential buyers are from
change of getting connected with at least one buyer
How it works

Simple and straightforward buyer targeting.

Whether you want to boost your sales or clear your inventory, with our offer delivery solution, all you need to do to start finding the right buyers is simply these 4 steps.
Submit Sales Request
You specify the details of what buyers you would like us to target for you.
Recieve Quote
We provide you with the overview of what buyers you can target and give you a quote based on your requirements.
Get Your Offers Delivered
After making payment, your offers will be delivered to your target buyers.
Connect With Buyers
Once delivered, you will be able to start receiving inquiries get connected with the buyers.
Why Tridge

Your offers delivered, efficiently and globally.

With this soluytion, you no longer need to wait for an inquiry from a buyer. You can now proactively target potential buyers and make offers to them.

Global & Verified Buyers

Get connected with potential buyers from many countries around the globe. These buyers are attracted to our platform by our quality data and content in food and agriculture.
Most of the buyers are verified through various methods such as by providing documents or by payment.
This makes them highly relevant and valueable targets for you to reach out to.

Targeted Delivery

Unlike any other platform, we offer a novel way to target global B2B buyers in food and agriculture.
Our approach is made possible through the data we collected from the activities of potential buyers on our intelligence and trading platforms as shown here.
We collect basic information such as companies, contacts and more to help us understand the buyers.
We keep track of how they browse data and content and how they interact with various things.
We ask them to explicitly state the products they are interested in purchasing as well as other preferences.
We analyze their transactional data are to give us insight into the products they purchase and how they purchase them.

Control & Privacy

Take control of your targeting as well as your privacy with additional options that you can choose.
Targeting Preferences
You can narrow down your targeting by specifying in detail your requirements such as countries, locations or even companies.
Excluded Companies
You can specify what companies to exclude from your targeting giving you a peace of mind that your offers won’t be delivered to competitors or unwanted parties.
Getting Started

Start now by sending us your sales request.

Let us know how you want us to help you target buyers as well as your offer to be delivered to them, and our. dedicated sales person will reach out to guide you.