Walnut Prices Rise in US and Spain, While Fall in Argentina

Published Dec 9, 2021
The wholesale price of walnuts in the US rose by +26.83%YoY to 4.59USD/KG in W4 Nov 2021. The wholesale price of walnuts in Spain also rose slightly by +7.74% YoY to 4.51USD/KG in W5 Nov 2021. While wholesale price of walnuts in Argentina fell by - 21.04% YoY to 2.83 USD/KG in W5 Nov 2021. Walnut prices in the US rose as drought reduced supply this year. Meanwhile, lower walnut prices in Argentina will attract importers to import more walnuts. On the other hand, Spanish imports may decrease as production is expected to be higher for the 2021/2022 campaign.
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