October Outlook Report - Coffee, Sugar, and Value-added Products

Mzingaye Ndubiwa
Publicado Sep 29, 2023
•Brazilian coffee prices are expected to drop due to harvesting progress. Improving production volumes are expected to put downward pressure on Colombian prices in September, while Vietnamese prices are expected to trade upward due to an upward trend on the London floor.
•In India, ample supply is expected to keep prices in the lower range. In Brazil, sugar prices are set to rise due to sugar mills focusing on fulfilling export orders, leaving domestic supply limited.
•Turkish orange juice (OJ) prices are expected to rise due to supply chain disruptions. Tridge expects OJ prices in the United States (US) to remain in the upper range for the coming month due to the supply crunch, while Brazilian prices are expected to trade high due to low supply.
•Due to tight supply, Tridge expects value-added tomato products to trade high in October.

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Part I: Key Indicators

Part II: Coffee and Sugar



Part III: Value-added Products

Orange Juice

Value-added Tomato

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