RECONEARTH Trading LLC has become one of the leading soft commodities originators, processors and packers driven by a dedicated team with over 15 years of wide professional experience in the MENA, EAS, SAF and MENAP. We have been able to capitalize on our extensive business relations with the largest grain consumers in the region, including government entities, purchasing agencies as well as major millers and compounders from public and private sectors.

Agricultural Services segment uses its Egyptian grain elevator, global transportation network, and port operations to buy, store, clean, and transport agricultural commodities, and resell these commodities primarily as food, animal feed ingredients and as raw materials for the agricultural processing industry.

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We are dedicated to improving the global food supply chain. We blend high quality products with professional distribution channels. Our portfolio includes a wide range of product categories, distribution for different food categories and brands for leading food producers in Egypt, with supply channels to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America markets.

The food division are running through the following business segments:

a) Stations lines to supply fresh and frozen agriculture. We collect produce from farmers and aggregate inventory at the warehouses. Each location is equipped with drying, processing and packing facilities allowing us to maintain the quality of the product and prepare it quickly for export to customers outside of Egypt.

b) Pasta production with different types and shapes, the capacity of 15,000 MT/Month.

c) Processing and trading of Grains, Animal Feed & Meals, Pulses, Rice, Sugar, Spices and Edible Nuts

d) Wheat flour production capacity of 2000 MT/day, and pre mixtures for food industry, bakeries, traders, and NGO’s.

e) Originate oilseeds, grains and crushing of oilseeds to produce oil for food production, food service and biofuel industries.

f) Manufacture of canned vegetables, fruits products, tomato paste, Olive, Pickles, cheese, and juices for consumers, with different brands.

We guarantee a full range of private labelling opportunities on our products.

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