Brazil expects demand for buffalos from UAE

Leche de búfala
Carne de búfalo
Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Publicado 26 de may. de 2021

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Rossato projects a large demand for the purchase of living buffaloes both for milk and meat production, and not just from the UAE but from all Arab countries. “At present, considering herd health issues, Brazil has a great potential to be a major buffalo exporter,” the ABCB’s president says. A researcher at the East Amazon unit of Brazil’s state-run agricultural research agency Embrapa, José Ribamar Marques says the Brazilian herd is “excellent quality” and believes there’s a great opportunity for selling animals to the Arabs. “They prefer living animals as they want to slaughter according to their religious precepts,” says Marques, pointing out that, out of the region’s countries, Egypt is the largest buffalo producer. The world’s largest living buffalo exporter is India, a country that, for religious reasons, can’t explore their bovine herds, which is also among the world’s largest. On the other hand, the most recent destinations of living buffalo from Brazil, Rosseto says, were ...
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