Rusia: Ha comenzado la cosecha de trigo sarraceno en el territorio Trans-Baikal

Actualizado Oct 3, 2023
Farms in Transbaikalia continue to harvest crops. The other day, farmers began harvesting buckwheat, said Roman Katnikov, head of the crop production department of the regional Ministry of Agriculture. “The harvesting of buckwheat is carried out by agricultural producers of the Aleksandrovo-Zavodsky district and the Uletovsky district, who today threshed this grain crop on an area of 537 hectares and received 343 tons. At the same time, in the Karymsky district, where a relatively small area is sown with buckwheat, harvesting activities have already been completed. Farmers in this area threshed 32 tons of grain on an area of 40 hectares,” said Roman Katnikov. It is expected that within a week the farms of Borzinsky, Kalgansky, Krasnokamensky, Nerchinsky, Chernyshevsky districts and Priargunsky district will begin harvesting buckwheat. The total sown area occupied by this crop in Transbaikalia this year is 13.9 thousand hectares. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that ...
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