By 2030, more dairy herds but lower yields are expected worldwide

Actualizado Jul 17, 2021
World milk production will grow 1.7% annually to reach a total of 1.02 billion tonnes by 2030, faster than most other major agricultural products. This is indicated by a document from the FAO and the OECD that indicates that this world production is divided into 81% of cow's milk, 15% of buffalo and 4% of goat, sheep and camel (combined). In 2020 861 million tons will be achieved. While the global average growth of herds (1.1% per year) is higher than the growth of the global average yield (0.7% per year), the changing averages are the result of herds growing faster in countries that have yields. relatively low. When disaggregating between dairy products, the report notes that butter production is projected to grow at 1.9% annually. All other dairy products are projected to grow at slower rates, with skimmed milk powder and cheese at 1.2% per year, and whole milk powder at 1.4% per year. (Read: Optimistic projections for dairy worldwide) In almost all regions of the world, yield ...
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