Copper drove 20% growth in exports from the Tacna region, Peru in 2020

Publicado 3 de mar. de 2021

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18:09 | Lima, sea. 2. According to the Mincetur Regional Trade Report, this growth was supported by higher mineral sales (+ 44%), mainly copper (+ 199%) and gold (+ 9%), which were favored by higher international prices. On the other hand, the region also reached a record exporter of agricultural products in 2020, reaching 66 million dollars, this was possible thanks to higher sales of products such as olives (+ 1%), oregano (+ 17%) and noodles (+ 28%), which represent the three main agro-export products of the region (11.4% share in total exports). Also to the high growth rates of products such as ginger (+ 417%), paprika (+ 222%), maca powder (+ 243%), onion (+ 61%), among others. Main markets According to the Mincetur publication, the main destinations for exports from Tacna were Canada (24% of the total), Japan (14%) and Chile (13%). Of these markets, it is worth noting that shipments to the two main destinations they grew by 218% and 272%, respectively. It should be noted ...
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