Europe is preparing for a shortage of olive oil

Aceite de oliva virgen
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Publicado 3 de oct. de 2023

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Local supplies of olive oil in Europe are running out and further shortages are expected due to extreme weather conditions damaging the crop for the second year. Heat waves in the Mediterranean have damaged crops, leading to imports from South America in order to meet demand. Spain, the largest producer of olive oil, has been particularly affected, with wildfires and high summer temperatures impacting production.
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For example, the world's largest producer said it had to import supplies from South America to meet demand. Follow the news in a convenient format: Subscribe to our Twitter Today it is practically physically impossible to buy olive oil. It is sold out, said Walter Zanre, executive director of the British division of the Filippo Berio company. Olive trees have been grown across the Mediterranean for thousands of years, while Spain alone produces half the world's supply of olive oil, but wildfires and high summer temperatures mean the future of this ancient industry looks increasingly uncertain. According to the International Olive Council, global production is expected to fall to 2.4 million tonnes, down from last year's harvest and well below global demand of about 3 million tonnes, after drought and heat with a temperature of over 40 degrees, production in Spain was hit. Extreme weather conditions in other important growth regions, including Greece, Italy and Portugal, as well as ...
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