Vietnam: clima favorable, los agricultores de Ha Tinh van a los campos para producir hortalizas de invierno

Actualizado Oct 20, 2022
Favorable weather is creating favorable conditions for Ha Tinh farmers to focus on the fields, speeding up the production of vegetables in the winter 2022 crop. These days, the production fields are concentrated in Bac Binh village (Tuong Son commune, Thach Ha commune) with the atmosphere of people working on the soil, planting beds, fertilizing ... in order to timely sow winter crops. Currently, the fields are on dry ground, creating favorable conditions for farmers to shorten the production time. It is known that this winter crop, people in Bac Binh village mainly grow staple crops of relatively high value such as potatoes, cabbage, beans, etc. Ms. Tran Thi Thu (Bac Binh village, Tuong Son commune) said: “My family produces nearly 2 sao of potatoes and green beans. The stage of soil preparation is very important, so special attention should be paid to large beds for good tubers. Since the beginning of the rainy season, the progress has been slower than in previous years, so now ...
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