Corea del Sur: Cangrejos de las nieves congelados de Rusia atrapados en falsificación de certificado de higiene

Actualizado Jun 2, 2023
Se capturó a representantes de empresas alimentarias que intentaron importar cangrejos de las nieves congelados de Rusia falsificando certificados de higiene. Todo el cangrejo de las nieves congelado será devuelto a Rusia.
On the 2nd, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced that it had sent three people, including food importer CEOs A and B, and import declaration agent CEO C, to the prosecution on charges of violating the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Management. They are accused of trying to import 6.65 tons of frozen snow crabs from Russia worth 250 million won by counterfeiting. The health certificate refers to a certificate issued by the exporting country after confirming the product name, quantity/weight, manufacturing facility information, etc. In the process of processing the import declaration of frozen snow crab, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety suspected the authenticity of the hygiene certificate, one of the documents submitted, and began an investigation. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that three people, including Mr. A, the representative of a food importer, arbitrarily modified the sanitation certificate when the month of manufacture written on the ...
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