El azúcar gris está arruinando la industria en Kazajstán

Actualizado Oct 3, 2023
Este año Kazajstán se ha enfrentado al problema de la importación incontrolada de azúcar por carretera. Esto se convirtió en la base para la aparición de importaciones grises en el mercado. La presidenta de la Asociación Kazajstán de industrias alimentarias, azucareras y procesadoras, Aizhan Naurzgalieva, explicó detalladamente cómo funciona este plan, informa un corresponsal de Kazinform.
One of the key problems that domestic sugar factories have faced this year is related to the emergence of gray imports - the almost uncontrolled import of sugar by road. - This is a disaster for our factories, since under these conditions they cannot produce their sugar. Government agencies tell us that imports from Russia are within acceptable limits. In fact, only sugar that is imported by rail is taken into account, and that which enters Kazakhstan by road is actually not recorded anywhere or by anyone. Plus there is also the issue associated with the import of contraband. In addition, we have a lot of sugar, which supposedly goes in transit to Kyrgyzstan. But in fact, all of it is safely unloaded from us. There are also facts when Russian sugar is repacked into bags at Kazakh sugar factories and sold under the guise of a domestic product, but at prices lower than those of our enterprises. Accordingly, sugar buyers are gray dealers, do not pay taxes and dump prices. The main ...
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