Diputado del Senado kazajo propone establecer la producción de azúcar a partir del maíz

Actualizado Jun 2, 2023
Senate deputy Ali Bektayev proposed to produce sugar from corn in Kazakhstan. "Glucose-fructose syrup based on corn starch can be used instead of sugar in beverage factories, confectionery factories, culinary workshops. The sugar substitution ratio in this syrup is 1.2. At the same time, the yield of juice from corn grain is 60-65%, and only 15-20% from beets. That is, half of the 650,000 tons of sugar consumed in the country can be obtained from corn for grain," Bektayev said, voicing the request at a Senate meeting on Thursday. According to him, for this it is enough to increase the current sown area of corn by 25-30%. "According to scientists, the cost of sugar per 1 ha of corn is 400,000 tons, sugar beet - 850,000 tons," the senator said. According to the deputy, only 10% of the sugar consumed in Kazakhstan is produced from domestic raw materials. Imports of sugar are growing, and the volume of its production in the country has decreased by 55% over the past 20 years. Attempts ...
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