Kazajstán importa alrededor de 2 millones de toneladas de trigo de Rusia en caso de escasez de cereales

Actualizado Oct 2, 2023
Kazakhstan imports the missing volume of grain from Russia in the event of a grain shortage on the domestic market. This was stated by the head of the trade committee of the Grain Union of Kazakhstan, Alexander Malov. “If there is any shortage of food wheat, then a good harvest from our northern neighbor will allow us to import the missing volume of grain, <…> the current harvest allows them to be happy to supply us with one or two additional million tons of grain,” the publication quotes Malov as saying "Yeldala", specializing in agribusiness. Malov believes that for the Russian side, “this is also beneficial, because Kazakhstan is nearby and the transportation capabilities allow it.” According to his forecast, about 7 million tons of food wheat will be harvested in the republic this year. “The domestic market for consumption is about 5.5 million tons, as we estimate, taking into account forage crops - in principle, we are completely protected,” he said. Earlier in Kazakhstan ...
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