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Market situation of sheep and goats for meat and milk

Actualizado 6 de jul. de 2020
Prices in the different categories are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic in domestic demand due to the closure of the HORECA channel and in external demand, although exports of live animals to Libya, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are helping to support prices, with an eye on the Feast of the Lamb. The effects are also being felt on the skin and wool due to the drop in demand in the main importing country China. The 2019 campaign has ended with average prices higher than the year 2018. The evolution of the market has been marked by higher than average prices in recent years for a good part of the year. This reality is reflected in the decrease in the volume of deliveries of sheep milk together with the entry of new operators in the market. The beginning of this season maintains a market perspective favorable to price stability during the first quarter when setbacks usually occur as a consequence of the seasonal peak in production. Castilla-La Mancha In Castilla-La Mancha, the ...
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