Brazil: Soybeans between maintenance and highs

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Publicado 30 de nov. de 2023

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Prices for soybeans in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul have remained steady due to a focus on field planting. The planting progress of the 2023/24 soybean harvest is behind compared to the previous year and the five-year average due to a lack of rain in the region. In Mato Grosso, prices have seen significant increases, but business activity remains slow.
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How is soybeans in the South? “This delay is mainly due to the lack of rain that hit the regions of the State for most of the month and continues to hit at this time in a more tenuous way. All positions remained stopped - in Dourados prices were quoted at R$133.00. In Maracaju the price was R$ 129.00. In Sidrolândia the price was R$ 131.00. In Campo Grande the price was R$133.00 and in Chapadão do Sul the price was R$132.00”, he adds. Significant price increases were seen in Mato Grosso, but business still remains slow. “Regions of Mato Grosso mark a day of little expression in terms of business, but with good increases in prices, the scenario is due more to the fact that information from the region takes time than precisely to what happened today, in real terms, today we saw a scenario quite lateralized in international terms, so we can project that tomorrow's prices will be very stable”, he indicates. How is soybeans in Chicago? “Campo Verde at R$ 127.60 with an ...
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