El nivel de producción mundial de vino está disminuyendo

Actualizado Sep 20, 2023
Este año, las enfermedades fúngicas han afectado a los viñedos y, junto con las condiciones climáticas extremas, esto podría provocar una caída del 12% en la producción de vino italiano. Además, la disminución del consumo puede ser otra razón de la pérdida de posiciones de líder mundial en la producción de la bebida, escribe Reuters.
Follow the news in a convenient format: Follow us on Twitter Production will fall below 44 million hectares, meaning Italy will lose its position as the world's largest wine producer, while France will regain the top spot for the first time in nine years. The northern regions of Italy plan to register a slight increase in production of 0.8%. However, production is expected to drop by around 20% in central regions and around 30% in the south due to bad weather and the effects of a fungus called Plasmopara viticola. A fungus that infects the leaves and fruits of the grapevine causes a disease called grape downy mildew. At the same time, the quality of the wine will not suffer. From the 2023 harvest, winemakers will be able to obtain high-quality wines. The reduction in production should also not be a cause for alarm, as existing reserves are more than 49 million hectoliters, the highest level in the past six years. The problem lies not so much in the loss of Italy's leadership in ...
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