Comenzó la cosecha de maní en Turquía: se espera un aumento de 10 mil toneladas respecto al año pasado

Actualizado Sep 24, 2023
En comparación con el año pasado, se espera un aumento de más de 10 mil toneladas en la indicación geográfica registrada de maní, cuya superficie de cultivo se ha ampliado y la cosecha ha comenzado en Osmaniye.
The harvest of the first registered peanut products has started in Osmaniye, where an average of 40 percent of the country's peanut production and 98 percent of its processing takes place. Peanuts are pulled out of the soil by a tractor, left in the field for 2-3 days, and then left to dry in large, sunny areas. Osmaniye Commodity Exchange Secretary General Musa İlker Çenet told the AA correspondent that peanuts are one of the main products that contribute to the agricultural economy in Osmaniye. Stating that more than 10 thousand people found employment opportunities in the collection, processing and transportation of the product, Çenet said, "In 2022, 186 thousand 340 tons of peanut harvest was obtained from 457 thousand cultivated areas in Turkey. We achieved a yield of 500 kilograms per decare. This year "While the production area increases to 520 thousand decares, we expect the production to increase to 210 thousand tons. While the production area in our city increases from ...
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