Peru exported maca flour for US $ 8 million between January and June of this year

Maca (ginseng andino)
Publicado 28 de jul. de 2021

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( Between January and June of this year, Peru exported 1,056,590 kilos of maca flour for a FOB value of US $ 8,186,452. These figures are similar in volume, although higher in value, compared to the 1,017,005 kilos exported in the same period of 2020 for US $ 6,333,020. According to a report from the Agrodata Peru portal, the main destination of these shipments during the first half of 2021 was the United States, where placements for US $ 2,620,070 were achieved. This was followed by Hong Kong with US $ 1,225,004, Brazil with US $ 652,149, South Korea with US $ 422,215, Germany with US $ 380,436, United Kingdom with US $ 352,050, Canada with US $ 298,857, Taiwan with US $ 254,185, among others with lower amounts. Peruvian Nature S&S SAC with sales of US $ 1,662,653, Algarrobos Orgánico del Perú SAC with US $ 1,045,614, Villa Andina SAC with US $ 487,537, and Ecoandino SAC ...
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