Los países pobres utilizan la lucha contra la crisis alimentaria mundial para atraer la atención de las potencias en Naciones Unidas

Actualizado Sep 24, 2023
In his opening speech to the United Nations' annual meeting of world leaders this week, Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres promised - to applause - that he would "not give up" on trying to bring food and fertilizer from Russia and Ukraine to global markets. After Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the United Nations blamed the war for worsening the global food crisis and a new diplomatic front emerged, with Moscow and Kiev fighting to win over those most affected: poor and developing countries. That battle has been at the forefront this week at the UN General Assembly, where applause for Guterres' comments on Tuesday underscored the push by those countries, particularly in the southern hemisphere, to get powers to focus on their deepest challenges. important. “We are no longer willing to attend this annual parade simply to lend our voice in support of this or that global conflict or to condemn whoever it is year after year as the new global enemy,” said Saint Lucia Prime ...
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