Análisis de las plataformas comerciales mundiales de la semana: las patatas, las cebollas y las zanahorias vuelven a bajar

Actualizado Oct 2, 2023
Key points from the past week: - The best sellers are onions and apples, but their supply has decreased - Potatoes and other vegetables continue to become cheaper in Ukraine, but tomatoes are becoming more expensive - Sales of Chinese cabbage and peppers continue to grow - The number of sellers of watermelon and plums has sharply decreased - Prices for pears in Uzbekistan are declining for the second week in a row - The demand for tomato is growing, and its supply is decreasing. About these and other trends in the fruit and vegetable markets of the region in the weekly review of EastFruit trading platforms. Last week, participants from 12 countries sold fruit and vegetable products in the EastFruit Trade Platform group, and the total number of advertisements remained at the level of the previous period. At the same time, representatives of Ukraine and Egypt reduced sales. But the number of advertisements from Uzbekistan and the Netherlands has increased. Proposals from ...
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