Chile: Más de 30 productos alcanzan exportaciones récord en enero - octubre

Actualizado Nov 25, 2021
Los despachos distintos de cobre acumulados a octubre totalizaron USD 31.726 millones, un 16,1% más que en la misma fecha del año anterior.
By Redacción, @PortalPortuario, , These are broken down into USD 30,819 million in non-copper goods and USD 907 million in services, according to the Report on Non-copper Exports of the ProChile Market Intelligence Department. The export records achieved by more than 30 products in the period January - October, in relation to the same period of previous years, stand out. These include iron, pork, wooden boards, fresh cherries, fresh and frozen blueberries, poultry, horse mackerel, mussels, fish oil, bottled Carmenère red wine, frozen strawberries, hazelnuts, glass containers, fresh garlic , paints, varnishes and inks, pharmaceutical products (antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, vaccines and others), metal caps and caps for bottles, soups and broths, cleaning products, delicacies, ketchup, bread, cookies and mixes for their preparation, cork and its manufactures, lobsters, fresh persimmons, cement, sawdust, pellets and wood wool, live camelids, among others., In ...
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