Rusia: El precio no oficial recomendado de los cereales podría provocar el colapso de las exportaciones

Actualizado Oct 3, 2023
Los expertos temen un colapso de las exportaciones rusas de cereales. La razón la indican los precios no oficiales recomendados por el Ministerio de Agricultura: 270 dólares por tonelada, mientras que en el mercado mundial el precio por tonelada es de 245 dólares.
Experts fear a collapse in Russian grain exports. The reason is indicated by the unofficial prices recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture - $270 per ton, while on the world market the price per ton is $245. Russian traders complain about downtime that occurs due to long waits - grain importers are in no hurry to buy it at a high price, and sometimes, as in the case of tenders in Egypt, they do not choose Russian suppliers. Representatives of the industry, in comments for the publication City N, note that they are already stopping buying grain from peasants, since the stocks in warehouses have not yet been sold. A slowdown in grain exports could lead to the accumulation of large grain carryover stocks, which would put pressure on the domestic market and lower already low prices even further. At the same time, this year the profitability of agricultural production has already decreased for many reasons, one of which is the state duty on the export of grain and oilseeds. As RBC ...
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