Russia ranks 2nd in the production of mayonnaise in the world, 20th in exports

Actualizado Sep 17, 2020
"The top 10 countries account for almost 63% of the world mayonnaise market, with the largest share in the United States and Russia, 19.3% and 17.1%, respectively (in value terms - ed.)," materials. World production of mayonnaise in 2019 increased by 1.1% compared to 2018 - to 3.7 million tons, or to $ 9.6 billion. In value terms, the largest increase was recorded in Brazil (+ 6.9%), and the fall - in France (-4.8%), Argentina (-4.4%) and Spain (-1.5%), reports " Agroexport ". In 2015-2019, the production of mayonnaise in Russia was at the level of 750-780 thousand tons. According to operational data, for the six months of this year, production increased by 1.8% in annual terms and amounted to 350.7 thousand tons. World exports of mayonnaise and other sauces in 2019 amounted to 4.3 million tons ($ 10.7 billion), the main exporters (in value terms) are the United States (12.6% of world exports), China (10.5%) and Germany (7.3%). Russia ranks 20th in this list (1.2%), having ...
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