Sugar futures contracts start the week mixed on US and UK stock exchanges

Actualizado Oct 3, 2023
Sugar futures contracts started the week mixed on international stock exchanges. In New York, raw sugar contracts closed lower in the first three screens, appreciation in the three intermediate contracts and a decline in the July and October/25 long-term screens. The March/24 lot, with greater liquidity, was contracted yesterday at 26.35 cents per pound, a devaluation of 13 points compared to Friday's prices. The May and July/24 screens fell, respectively, 8 and 3 points, trading at 25.18 and 24.27 cts/lb. The other contracts fluctuated between a low of 5 points and a high of 3 points. London In London, white sugar traded on ICE Futures Europe closed lower on the first five screens and higher on the other contracts. December/23 was contracted yesterday at US$701.70 per ton, a drop of US$4.20 compared to the previous session. The March/24 screen fell by 3.80 dollars, contracted at US$ 700.00 per ton. The other contracts fluctuated between a low of 2.50 and a high of 90 cents. ...
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