They denounce animal mutilations and abuse in milk production in Mexico

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Publicado 30 de nov. de 2023

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Mexico is ranked 15th in milk production globally, indicating widespread abuse in the industry. Animal Equality has conducted undercover investigations and revealed that cows in the dairy industry suffer throughout their lives. Calves are separated from their mothers and subjected to abuse and mutilation, with male calves being killed for meat and females raised for production or sold to other farms. Animal Equality has launched a campaign to encourage consumers to switch from consuming cow's milk to plant-based alternatives.
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2000Agro/Editorial Mexico occupies 15th place in milk production, this position in the ranking world places our country in a scenario of gigantic abuse. According to Recent data from the Agri-Food and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP, 2022), the annual per capita consumption of Mexicans is 128 liters and its production is increasing. This figure of consumption transferred to the daily life of the calves and cows that are raised in industrial farms to supply demand, turns into abuse and death, since there is no animal in this situation that does not face conditions incompatible with good welfare standards. Just as it has documented the animal protection organization, Animal Equality in its Undercover investigations into the milk industry in Mexico. According to him research work carried out by this organization, the cows in the dairy industry suffer all their lives. From the moment they arrive at this world, are treated like machines. The special bonds between mother and ...
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