Estudian la dinámica de transmisión de Campylobacter resistente a antibióticos en ganado lechero de España

Actualizado Sep 24, 2023
Las técnicas de secuenciación del genoma completo son útiles para estudiar la dinámica de transmisión de Campylobacter resistente a los antibióticos en el ganado lechero.
Campylobacteriosis is the main cause of human bacterial gastroenteritis in industrialized countries, with Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli being the species most implicated in these infections. Although poultry is the main source of Campylobacter transmission to humans, cattle also play an important role as a reservoir. Transmission occurs through the consumption of contaminated food or water, or by direct contact with animals or their feces. Strains of Campylobacter spp. Antimicrobial resistance are of concern because they put infection treatment options at risk. Fluoroquinolones and tetracyclines, often prescribed for the treatment of diarrhea, have seen reduced effectiveness due to high levels of resistance. For this reason, macrolides have become the antimicrobials of choice for laboratory-confirmed cases of severe campylobacteriosis. Previous epidemiological studies carried out on farms in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (CAPV) by the Neiker ...
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