Two new but promising organic products in Peru which agro-exporters are entering

Maca (ginseng andino)
Publicado 24 de abr. de 2021

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As the demand for organic food in the world increases, Peruvian agro-exporters introduce new fruits and vegetables in their offer free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Two of these new products have shown promising results for the sector, says Mario Ocharan, Promperú's Export Promotion Director. These are jojoba and maca, which, although they have long been exported in their conventional versions, their presence in the organic agro-export basket is still incipient. It should be noted that both products are at a different level of development. The first (organic jojoba) still has Spain as its only destination. In 2020, 1.08 tons of this seed were exported for US $ 13,484, while in January and February of this year the sum was similar to that of the previous 12 months (US $ 13,952). On the other hand, Peruvian organic maca already reaches several destinations, among which the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia stand out. Throughout 2020, ...
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