Genética del ganado lechero uruguayo se adaptó muy bien a Bolivia

Actualizado Sep 24, 2023
En Bolivia el productor recibe 0,50 dólares por litro, pero la producción a veces se ve limitada por el clima.
Pablo Olivera is a Uruguayan producer who in 2007 began bringing dairy genetics to Bolivia and since 2014 he settled permanently in Santa Cruz with a dairy project. The sector “has grown a lot, it has invested a lot in genetics, Uruguayan genetics have worked very well,” he said. Interviewed on Valor Added by Carve radio within the framework of Expo Cruz, he indicated that “Uruguayan cattle are adapted to two extreme climates, with temperatures of 0º C in winter and in summer we have thermal sensations of 40º C and Santa Cruz has an average climate. of 30º C, if you bring them to Uruguayan cattle and give them the conditions, they adapt very well.” Currently, the trade flow between Uruguay and Bolivia "is very variable, Bolivia's policy means that dairy producers limit themselves to making projects and growing." Regarding the dairy business in Bolivia, Olivera highlighted that “milk production here has a very good price, which is ...
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