Declaración de Erdogan sobre el acuerdo de cereales y el puerto de Mykolaiv en Ucrania

Actualizado Jun 5, 2023
The President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, said that Turkish ships will be able to enter the ports of Olbia and Mykolaiv in Mykolaiv Oblast as part of the grain agreement, and they are already preparing to receive them there, but the Russian Federation is blocking the process. Vitaliy Kim, the head of the Mykolaiv Military Regional Administration, said this in an interview with the Glavkom publication. "Erdogan only said that Turkish ships, which have been blocked here since the beginning of the war, will be able to leave Mykolaiv ports - if I remember correctly, there are six of them out of the 29 foreign ones that we have. Negotiations continue, because we started to prepare for the exit of foreign vessels from the waters of the Mykolaiv port, but as of now, the Russian side is stopping the process. But this is not related to the "grain agreement", noted Vitaly Kim. He emphasized that Mykolaiv port is not included in the grain agreement, although the government and other ...
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