W19: Hazelnut Update

In W19 in the hazelnut landscape, in 2022, European hazelnut production in Chile reached 52K tons, marking a 21% increase compared to 2021. The 2023 season estimates 55K tons of hazelnuts. The production growth is due to the improved production capacity and product quality. Hazelnut cultivation in Chile has adapted well to different climatic zones, but water stress and high-temperature challenges continue. In the Las Quemas sector of the Osorno commune in Chile, European hazelnuts undergo agriculture and livestock services inspection and sanitary certification before being exported to Europe. European hazelnut production in Chile is located in the Maule, Araucania, Los Ríos, and Los Lagos regions. In 2022, the hazelnut area in Chile was 36.39K hectares, with the largest areas in the Maule, Ñuble, La Araucania, and Los Rivera regions. The Los Lagos region has experienced significant growth in hazelnut cultivation, reaching 1.41K hectares, primarily in the province of Osorno.

Lastly, the Spanish Almond and Hazelnut Exporters Association (SAB-Almendrave) organized the VIII Almond and Hazelnut Meeting on May 4. The event took place at the Casino Primitivo in Albacete and was attended by more than 150 guests, including representatives of the almond and hazelnut industrial sector in Spain, producers, and authorities from different administrations.

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