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W1: Weekly Dairy Update

Actualizado 9 de ene. de 2023
Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives take a deep dive into what happened during W1 in the global dairy landscape. In summary, GDT data indicated a 2.3% drop in the average price of dairy products to USD 3.37K/MT. In the Netherlands, a study showed that cows with higher conformation scores reached the goal of 90.72kg (200 pounds) of milk faster than those with low scores. In Russia, for the first 11 months of 2022, milk production increased by more than 2% in the Volgograd region. Brazilian milk production is expected to grow by 3.6% to 24.5MMT in 2023. Lastly, in Europe, butter prices fell by more than 5% and are sold at USD 605.53/100kg in EU markets while whole milk powder goes for USD 431.46.


Global: Milk Started the Year With a Negative International Price (Jan 5)

On January 3, the first auction of the year 2023 of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) platform was held, which, far from bringing good news in terms of improvements in the reference prices of milk, yielded negative results, not only in the general average of all dairy products, but in all the products operated in this first event of the new year. The final data indicates a drop in the average price of dairy products in the order of 2.3%, falling to USD 3.37K/MT. Thus, the international reference market for powdered milk began 2023 with negative values in its prices. Within this framework, whole powdered milk fell 1.4% and skimmed milk 4.3%, leaving values of USD 3.21K and USD 2.84K, respectively, in terms of price per ton.

Tridge Analysis: Dairy Products Prices Fall in the First GDT Auction of 2023 (Jan 4)

The first Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction in 2023 ended on Tuesday 3rd January with prices of all products on offer edging down. For the second consecutive drop, overall prices fell by an average of 2.8% from the last auction in December where it fell 3.8%. There were 33.78K MT of quantity sold across all product classes with 132 participating bidders and 114 winning bidders. (Continue Reading)

Netherlands: The Relationship Between Conformation and Lifetime Milk Production (Jan 2)

One study found that cows with higher conformation scores reached the goal of 90.72kg (200K pounds) of milk faster than those with low scores. Veepro Holland, the Information Center for Cattle and Small Ruminant Breeding in the Netherlands, explained that the relationship between conformation and lifetime milk production emerged from an analysis by the dairy cooperative CRV over the period 2010 to 2019. Heifers before first calving that scored 80 conformation points needed 3,185 days to produce 100K kg of milk, while cows that scored 85 points at their first calving took 135 fewer days (3,050 days). A difference of 332 days has even been found between cows that received 76 and 87 points. This would mean a full lactation.

Ukraine: Three Transcarpathian Small Farms Have Joined the Milk Module (Jan 6)

In Zakarpattia Oblast, during 2022, it was possible to connect three farms that supply milk to processing enterprises or closed institutions to the "Milk Module". This was reported in the Head Office of the State Production and Consumer Service in Zakarpattia Oblast. Milk from these farms is tested monthly (twice a month) for bacterial contamination. During the year, the permissible limits were not exceeded. The peculiarity of the Transcarpathian region is that cattle are kept here only by small farms with 20-50 and up to 100 cattle.

Russia: The Milk Production in the Volgograd Region Increased by 2% (Jan 3)

For 11 months of 2022, the number of cattle increased by 1.2% in the Volgograd region, and milk production increased by more than 2%. According to the regional committee of agriculture, the performance of farms of all categories was taken into account compared to the same period in 2021. In absolute terms, the number of cattle increased by 4.2K heads. At the same time, agricultural organizations demonstrate the largest increase (by 3K heads). From January to November last year, Volgograd farms of all categories produced 558.4K MT of milk.

Turkey: 30% Of Raw Milk Is Analyzed in Tekirdağ (Jan 8)

The analysis of 107K raw milk coming from 14 provinces in Turkey is done in Tekirdağ. As a result of these analyzes, the state support payment is made to the animal breeder, and information about milk yield and animal health is obtained. 30% of raw milk in Turkey is analyzed in Tekirdağ State support of USD 5.32 (100 liras) for each cow. 107K raw milk samples were analyzed in 1 year. In the analysis, both state support is provided and the health of the animal breed is protected. Tekirdağ Cattle Breeders' Association continues its raw milk and raw milk quality analysis activities for breeding purposes. In this context, raw milk analysis services are provided for breeding purposes to breeders in 14 provinces in the country, including Tekirdağ, Sakarya, Kastamonu, Amasya, Antalya, Uşak, Isparta, Afyonkarahisar, Muğla, Aydın, Samsun, Niğde, Denizli and Çorum.

Mexico: Almost USD 200M Were Spent Until October to Import Powdered Milk (Jan 4)

Between January and October 2022, 65.36K MT of dairy derivatives were imported, making 2022 the second with the highest volume of purchases. Regarding the cost, 2022 culminated with an exorbitant figure, since close to USD 248M were registered 2 months before the end of the year. In the 10 months, 65.36K MT of powdered milk and other dairy derivatives were completed for a total USD 247.95M (CIF value). The volume was 36.6% higher than the 47.86K MT registered in the same period of 2021 and was 4.62K MT higher than the 60.74K MT of all of 2021. For its part, the cost was 75.6% higher than 2021, which was USD 141.2M, as well as 36% higher than the USD 182.3M reported in the 12 months of 2021.

Bulgaria: Livestock and Purchased Milk Are Shrinking (Jan 3)

The number of dairy cows for the past year 2022 fell by 202K heads, as a year earlier it had reached 214.9K. NOKA makes a blacklist of incorrect dairies. Purchased milk for the January-October period decreased by about 4.3%, and purchased cow's milk shrank by 4.6%, which is expected to reach 622K MT by the end of the year. Internationally, the fall in the volume of purchased milk in the EU continues, and for January-September 2022 it is 0.4% compared to a year earlier. Production in 9 member states grew, most significantly in Austria (+3.2%), Latvia (+2.4%), Poland (+2.1%), and Belgium (+2%).

Brazil: Milk Production Is Expected to Grow To 24.5M MT in 2023 (Jan 3)

According to the latest report on the dairy sector in Brazil published by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), milk production in 2022 reduced by around 5% to 23.7M MT, while in 2023 it should grow by around 3.6%, reaching 24.5M MT. The report highlighted the seasonality of Brazilian dairy production, which is predominantly pasture and in semi-confinement systems and, therefore, is affected by cyclical weather patterns that impact pasture conditions.


Europe: European Butter Prices Plunge More Than 5% (Jan 5)

Butter stands at USD 605.53/100kg (567 euros) in the EU, whole milk powder at USD 431.46 (404 euros). Quotations for skimmed milk powder fell by 1.1% to USD 311.84 (292 euros). Only the quotations for cheddar remained almost the same and showed an average small plus of 0.2% to USD 501.94 (470 euros). Another key indicator of the market, New Zealand's Global Dairy Trade, also shows declines in butter (-2.8%), whole milk powder (-1.4%), skimmed milk powder (-4.3%) and cheddar (-2.7%). On average, the Global Dairy Trade is down 2.8% W1.

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