W48 Grape Update: China’s Surging Production, Peru’s Record Harvest, to India’s Optimistic Outlook, and International Triumph of Shine Muscat

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Publicado 8 de dic. de 2023
In W48 China anticipates a 6% surge in table grape production for 2023-24, totaling 13.5 million metric tons. Enhanced quality and extended production fueled a 23% export growth to 480 thousand mt, while imports decreased by 30% to 120 thousand mt, highlighting a shift to domestic reliance. Despite a slight decrease in planted area, grape cultivation moves southward. Peru experienced a remarkable 128.8% surge in grape production in Sep-23, mainly in Piura and Lambayeque. The Vietnamese market faced early-season Peruvian grapes, leading to price adjustments. India's grape harvest begins, focusing on non-European markets. California's San Joaquin Valley marks a century of grape breeding achievements, emphasizing the collaboration's global impact. Meanwhile, Shine Muscat grapes from Korea mark global triumph, expanding to Canada with plans for Vietnam and Hong Kong.

China’s Table Grape Production Soars 6%, Exports Surge 23% In 2023/24 Season

China is anticipating a 6% surge in table grape production, reaching 13.5 million metric tons (mt) in the 2023/24 season, propelled by favorable growing conditions. Enhanced grape quality and a prolonged production season are set to drive a 23% increase in exports to 480 thousand mt, while imports are predicted to decrease by 30% to 120 thousand mt, emphasizing a shift towards domestic reliance. Advanced production facilities shielded key grape-producing regions from adverse weather conditions, ensuring a consistent improvement in grape quality, with projections indicating continued growth in production. Despite a slight decrease in planted area to 728 thousand hectares (ha), grape cultivation is shifting from north to south. Notably in Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangxi, and Yunnan. While Kyoho and Red Globe varieties maintain dominance, seedless varieties like Flame Seedless and Crimson Seedless are on the rise. Shine Muscat cultivation has seen rapid expansion, impacting market prices. Despite a 30% decrease in imports due to enhanced domestic quality, China's table grape exports are set to grow by 23% in the 2023/24 season. Capitalizing on increased supply and improved quality, extending market reach into South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia.

Peru's Grape Production Surges by 128.8% in Sep-23, While Despite High Demand, Vietnamese Market Faces Quality Challenges

In Sep-23, Peru experienced a remarkable surge in grape production, reaching 22.42 thousand mt, a striking 128.8% growth from the previous year's 9.8 thousand mt. This boost is credited to advancing harvests across multiple regions, particularly in the northern areas, Piura (300%) and Lambayeque (272.7%), contributing significantly to the national total (66.9%). These regions thrived due to favorable thermal conditions, benefitting both external markets and the agroindustry. Meanwhile, other regions like La Libertad (34%), Arequipa (29.1%), and San Martín (8%) experienced increases, while Áncash (-45.7%) and Cajamarca (-42.9%) observed decreases. Simultaneously, the Vietnamese market witnessed the availability of early-season Peruvian grapes in W49. Despite high demand for green grapes, importers had to lower prices due to quality issues, including small berries and wilted stems, with an average price of USD 44/7.3 kg carton for JJ size and USD 41/7.3 kg carton for J size. Importers remain optimistic that quality will improve as the season progresses.

India's Grape Harvest Begins, Focused on Non-European Markets with Favorable Conditions and Strong Prices

India's grape harvest, primarily for non-European markets, commences slowly with early varieties that don't meet European standards. Currently we can anticipate a gradual increase in exports, excluding Europe initially. Despite floods, the weather remains favorable, promising higher grape volumes. The European market's scarcity, ensuring good demand and prices. There will be a fair volume of grapes available in January, but more will be picked in February and March. In April there will be fewer grapes than usual this season, as the harvest will end 10 days earlier than normal. It will take some time before exports to Europe really get going. The main export, featuring Thompson and Crimson grapes, starts in week 4, reaching Rotterdam for European distribution. India expects sustained demand and strong prices, with a slightly shorter harvest season ending in April. Overall, the outlook for grape exports to Europe is positive.

California Grape Growers Honored for a Century of Innovations in Parlier Ceremony

California's Grape Growers Celebrate 100 Years of Innovation at Parlier Ceremony. In a historic event at the San Joaquin Valley Agricultural Sciences Center, growers were honored for producing such ground breaking varieties as the ‘Crimson Seedless’ table grape and ‘Selma Pete’ raisin, marking a century of collaboration. Joined by industry leaders and USDA officials, the celebration highlighted the California Table Grape Commission's enduring partnership with ARS. Ross Jones emphasized the community's commitment since 1981 to innovate and protect grape varieties, fostering success nationally and globally.

Korea’s Shine Muscat Grapes, Shine Globally With Successful Export to Canada

Shine Muscat grapes, a distinguished agricultural product from Jeollabuk-do, Korea, renowned for their exceptional sweetness, have marked another triumph. Exported to Canada in a successful venture, these grapes are set to expand their global presence with plans for exports to Vietnam and Hong Kong in 2021. The recent export to Canada comprised 360 boxes, amounting to USD 15.96 thousand (KRW 21 million). This achievement further underscores the grapes' international acclaim, exemplified by prior successful exports to New Zealand and the United States. It solidifies Shine Muscat's standing as a premium agricultural product originating from the picturesque region of Jeollabuk-do, Korea.

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