W51: Weekly Potato & Sweet Potato Update

Papa (patata) fresca
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Publicado 28 de dic. de 2022
Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives take a deep dive into what happened during W51 in the global common potato and sweet potato landscape. In summary, for the common potato market, Spain's potato production has decreased by 7% from the previous season due to the summer heat, whereas the Polish potato is estimated to have experienced a 13% YoY drop. Additionally, India's industrial potato export increased 42% YoY between January and September 2022. In Russia. In Primorye, the yield of potatoes increased by 30% over a three-year period.



The Cost Price of Consumption Potatoes Continues to Rise

Potato farmers already had to deal with a large increase in costs for the 2022 harvest. According to the WCA's calculations, these expenses will keep rising in the 2023 season. More than average price increases are being seen for labor, fertilizers, wear parts, and electricity. Since there is significant inflation, the average rise is already substantial. The first warning indicator is that the industry is significantly raising contract prices for potatoes used to make French fries.


Egypt Imported Over 133K MT of Potato Seeds From 9 European Origins

In a report released by the Ministry of Agriculture, it is said that 133,475MT of European potato seeds would arrive for the 2022/23 growing season from October 31 to December 17. The report indicated that 51,650MT were imported from Scotland, 9,665MT from Denmark, 6,122MT from Germany, 270MT from Austria, 125MT from England, and 675MT from Poland.


Spanish Potato Market in 2022

Spain's potato production has decreased by 7% from the previous season and has now dropped to a record low of 1,94M MT due to the springtime weather and the summer heat. The consequences of the drought have decreased harvest volumes in the major producing countries, particularly France, which has had an impact on the European market. An adverse trend in potato consumption has been observed recently internationally. Despite the fact that imports have more than doubled the number of our shipments, Spain has set a new record with USD 112.30M in exports during the 2022 campaign (through September). The primary supplier in the EU is France, which is expanding across the entire national territory.


Potato Crops in Poland Yields in 2022

The Central Statistical Office has anticipated that there will be approximately 200K acres under potato production in 2022. The yield of potatoes this year is predicted to be 307 dt/ha, which is 2% more than it was the previous year. The Central Statistical Office estimates a 6.2M MT crop of potatoes, which is a 13% YoY decrease. From planting to harvest, potato crops experienced a variety of vegetation conditions. Plant growth and development were hampered by the spring's cold temperatures and lack of rainfall.


Uzbekistan Imported Potatoes From 16 Countries in January-November 2022

Uzbekistan imported 478.3K MT of potatoes from 16 countries between January and November 2022 for a value of USD 73.4M. In comparison to the same period last year, potato imports rose by 22.5K MT. In the first 11 months of 2022, Uzbekistan imported the most potatoes from Pakistan at 259.1K MT, Kazakhstan at 155.1K MT, Kyrgyzstan at 30K MT, Russia at 15K MT, the Netherlands at 6.4K MT, and Iran at 5.6K MT.


Export of Indian Industrial Potatoes Increased by 42%

According to recent data, India exported over 153K MT of fresh potatoes suitable for making potato chips between January and September 2022 representing an increase of 42% YoY. The largest export volumes for the 2022 season were in March, at roughly 27K MT, and were followed by June. In the 2022 season, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong were the biggest importers of fresh or chilled potatoes from India.


Potato Production in Peru Could Drop Up to 12.5% In 2023

According to research by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, reduced fertilizer use will result in poorer yields of major crops like potatoes, rice, starchy maize, and quinoa for the 2022/23 season. The biggest impact would be on potato production, with an expected reduction of 7.4% in potato planting areas and a 10.7% decrease in potato production the following year. However, a pessimistic scenario could result in a 12.5% decrease in the supply of potatoes offered in marketplaces.


Potato Yield in Primorye Increased by 30% In Three Years

In Primorye, the yield of potatoes increased by 30% over a three-year period. From 3.8K hectares, 64.4K MT of potatoes were harvested in 2022. The yield was 201.2 centners per hectare a few years ago, but it is now 155 centners per hectare.


Netherlands to Boost Potato Production in Tanzania

According to Mbeya Region Commissioner, the government would keep collaborating with the Dutch government to support the country's increased production of potatoes. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Tanzania and the Netherlands aims to expand the potato industry. This is mostly due to Tanzania's enormous potential and its vast area, which could be used to cultivate potatoes wherever.


Potato Is Among the Top 5 Vegetable Products Exported in November 2022 From Turkey

The top five vegetable products exported in November 2022 from Turkey are Tomatoes with 32% share, Peppers with 24%, Cornichons with 15%, Zucchini with 13%, and Potatoes with 5%. The countries that led in the importation of these vegetables are; Russia with 27% share, Romania with 12%, Germany with 8%, Israel with 8%, and Ukraine with 8%. Israel and Russia increased their imports of these vegetables by 89% and 55% respectively compared to 2021.

Sweet Potato

North Korea

North Korea May Slightly Increase Food Production Next Year, Possibility of External Introduction

The production of food in North Korea is expected to remain roughly the same or slightly grow in the coming year. It is anticipated that the environment for applying chemical fertilizers will get better, the multi-cropping wheat cultivation area will grow, and the weather for farming will return to normal. In 2022, the food produced in North Korea is expected to decrease by 3.8% YoY to 4.51M MT. Potatoes and sweet potatoes fell by 14.0%, rice by 4.2%, corn by 1.3%, legumes by 5.3%, and other grains by 21.7%.

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