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Mexico - Fresh Bell Pepper

$20 ~
USD / Carton Box (11.3398kg = 25lbs), May 23, 2022

Current Offer Base Prices

Whole / Red / Fresh
$20 / -

Available Specifications:

Color: Red
Grade: First Quality
Packaging Type: Carton Box
Processed Style: Fresh
Cultivation Type: Greenhouse, Conventional
Incoterms: FOB
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Latest Updates:
A buyer from United States finalized a deal with Tridge. (2 metric ton)
May 9, 2022

Our Fresh Bell Peppers from Mexico

Having its origins in central and South America, our Mexican Bell Peppers have diverse colors, such as yellow, orange, red, and green, and other specialty varieties that may come in other colors. Bell Peppers are rich in nutritional value, which might be why it has been widely adopted by many cultures as part of their regular diet. Taking the fruit into numbers, Mexico is the biggest exporter of bell peppers in the world.

Our Mexican Bell Peppers have a strength of the quality assurance, adaptability of specific market needs, capability for bulk orders, and various certifications such as Primus GFS, Global GAP, Fair Trade, and USDA Organic.

For US and Canadian clients, Tridge has a warehouse in Nogales, Arizona. We have in stock Fresh Bell Peppers you can pick up or request for delivery!
Mexico Fresh Bell Pepper - Mexico-Fresh-Bell-Pepper-511701_.jpg


Bell Pepper
Form & Cut
Processed Style
25 lb Carton box
Global Gap, USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Primus GFS

Our Process and Product


Mexico Fresh Bell Pepper - WhatsApp_Image_2021-09-21_at_12.28.57_PM.jpeg
Mexico Fresh Bell Pepper - WhatsApp_Image_2021-09-21_at_12.28.56_PM.jpeg


Final Product

Mexico Fresh Bell Pepper - WhatsApp_Image_2021-09-21_at_12.16.57_PM.jpeg
Mexico Fresh Bell Pepper - 42q42q344ew4w34rw3r53rw.jpg
Mexico Fresh Bell Pepper - Mexico-Fresh-Bell-Pepper-511701_.jpg


Mexico Fresh Bell Pepper - %E3%85%87%E3%84%B9%E3%85%87%E3%84%B9%E3%85%87%E3%84%B9%E3%85%87%E3%84%B9%E3%85%87%E3%84%B9%E3%84%B9%E3%84%B9.jpg

Top 3 Export Markets

Mexico Fresh Bell Pepper - pepper.png

Our Representative in Mexico

Jose Gerardo
Jose Alfredo has been a passionate professional for the agricultural and food industry with proven trajectory. With experience in the public and private sector, Jose Alfredo has created solid relationships with Mexico’s best producers and international markets in tropical, seassonal and specialty friuts and vegetables. Coming from a 3rd generation of growers and exporters gives him the ability to validate excellence in quality in every item he works on.

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