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Indonesia - Whole Black Peppercorn is currently not available.

Indonesia - Whole Black Peppercorn

HS Code:
090411 - Spices; pepper (of the genus piper), neither crushed nor ground
Upon Request
USD / MT, March 13, 2023
Currently our offer prices are not available due to frequent fluctuation. now for an offer price for this market.

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Available Specifications:

Variety: Indonesia, Indonesian - Lampong
Color: Black
Grade: ASTA 500-550 G/L
Packaging Type: As per customer's request
Processed Style: Dried
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Incoterms: FOB
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Latest Updates:
A quote is requested by a buyer from Peru. (10 metric ton)
Jan 27, 2023

Our Black Peppercorn from Indonesia

Indonesian Black Pepper or Piper nigrum comes from immature green berries. With green berries sun-dried on mats, it turns into our well-known ingredients Black Peppercorn. Black peppercorns are pungent and have a hot taste aroma, It adds an excellent depth of flavor to nearly any savory dish.
Black Pepper is a flowering plant belonging to the Piperaceae family. It is well known as the “king of spices” due to its popularity in global spice trading, especially use for seasoning and condiments. Black pepper trades in 3 different forms:
1). Black Peppercorn, dried green berries of black pepper
2). Crushed black peppercorn, coarse powder form of black peppercorn
3). Black pepper powder, a fine form of black peppercorn
Our Black Peppercorn supplier produces one of the highest-quality Black Peppercorns in Indonesia. And highest-quality products start at the point of origin where we select high-quality crops. With strong supply chain management and brand-new processing technologies, we are ready to provide the best of Indonesians.
Indonesia's location has proximity with countries with distinctive cuisine culture that relies heavily on black pepper, such as Thailand and Malaysia, making it a quick route to distribute the produced black pepper to enthusiast buyers. Today, it is gaining further reputation and demand from afar in Europe and the Middle East.
Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - IMG_1595.JPEG


ISO-939 / ASTA - 550 G/L
25Kg 50kg of PP Bags or Jute Bag
Shelf Life
12 months (from manufacturing date)`
Storing Condition
1). Temperature 20-32;
2). Humidity: 50-60%
3). Keep product in dry and airy place with no direct sunlight exposure
4). Use all after opening the packaging
1). Air shipment, MOQ depend on suppliers
2). Sea shipment, dry container: 1x20FT – up to 15MT, 1x40FT, up to 25MT (depending on packaging and palletized/unpalletized)

Our Process and Product


Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - threshing.jpg

Sifting & Washing

Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - siftingwashing.jpg


Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - drying.jpg


Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - sorting.jpg


Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - layer-1209.jpg

Final Product

Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - Indonesia-Black-Peppercorn-394829_2.jpg
Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - Indonesia-Black-Peppercorn-613486.jpg


Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - Certifications_1.jpg

Top 4 Export Markets

Indonesia Whole Black Peppercorn - Export.jpg

Our Representative in Indonesia

Yun Primawan
Yun is an experienced professional in the agricultural and digital B2B space, with vast knowledge in international trading. Using his extensive business network in Indonesia, Yun will support your supply and sourcing needs by connecting you to reliable buyers and quality-grade products.
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