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Peru - Fresh Blueberry

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USD / KG, July 31, 2023
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Processed Style: Fresh
Incoterms: FOB
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A quote is requested by a buyer from Indonesia. (100 kg)
Mar 11, 2024

Our Fresh Blueberries from Peru

Our blueberries are delicately harvested and packed in the Cañete region of Peru, being fully bloomed and large in size. Coupled with our export experience to distant destinations such as China, our blueberries are guaranteed to arrive at your destination in the best quality
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Ventura, Emerald, Biloxi
Characteristic blue
14mm+ / 16mm+ / 18mm+
12 x125g / 8 x 511g / 12 x 1 pint
BRIX ≥12°

Our Process from Farm to Buyer


Peru Fresh Blueberry - IMG_20210630_131612.jpg
Peru Fresh Blueberry - IMG_20210803_130326.jpg
Peru Fresh Blueberry - IMG_20210803_124713.jpg
Peru Fresh Blueberry - WhatsApp_Image_2021-09-10_at_14.31.37_2.jpeg
Peru Fresh Blueberry - WhatsApp_Image_2021-09-10_at_14.31.36_2.jpeg


Peru Fresh Blueberry - IMG_20210630_122303_1.jpg
Peru Fresh Blueberry - IMG_20210630_123640_1.jpg

Packaging and Delivery

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Peru Fresh Blueberry - IMG_20210803_131433_1.jpg


Peru Fresh Blueberry - Peru-Blueberry.png

Top 5 Export Markets

Peru Fresh Blueberry - Peru-Blueberry.png

Our Representative in Peru

Jose Torres
Jose Luis is a LATAM sourcing specialist in fresh fruits and vegetables. He has more than 8 years of experience in this field, negotiating, quality-checking, logistics, etc.
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