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Brazil - Whole Common Ginger

HS Code:
091011 - Spices; ginger, neither crushed nor ground
$900 ~
USD / MT, January 30, 2023

Current Offer Base Prices

Available Specifications:

Variety: Yellow, Mature
Color: Yellow
Grade: High Quality
Packaging Type: Carton Box
Processed Style: Fresh
Incoterms: FOB
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Latest Updates:
A quote is requested by a buyer from United Arab Emirates. (26000 metric ton)
Jan 18, 2023

Our Whole Common Gingers From Brazil

Our giant ginger is originated in the main producing region of Brazil, the beautiful state of Espirito Santo - the only one that combines soft soil, ideal temperature and enough rains to grow high-quality ginger. Tridge's supplier set a new standard of quality and size while offering traceability and competitive prices. Brazilian giant ginger is available from May to October.

For European clients, Tridge has a warehouse in the Netherlands. We have in stock Gingers you can pick up or request for delivery!
Brazil Whole Common Ginger - DSC02496.JPG


Damaged by pest
Foreign material
< 10% in weight per unit
Average weight per unit
Pesticide Residue
Shelf life
. Young Ginger / Early: 30 days average after flight (it can be measured by its spongy touch)
. Adult Ginger / Late: Average of 90 ~ 115 days. Some studies point out that it can reach up to 150 days
.Global G.A.P

Our Process and Product


Brazil Whole Common Ginger - farm.jpg


Brazil Whole Common Ginger - cul1.JPG
Brazil Whole Common Ginger - cul2.JPG


Brazil Whole Common Ginger - pro1.JPG
Brazil Whole Common Ginger - prp3.jpeg

Final Product

Brazil Whole Common Ginger - 1111.jpg
Brazil Whole Common Ginger - fin.jpg
Brazil Whole Common Ginger - fin2.jpg


Brazil Whole Common Ginger - brgingercert.jpg

Top 3 Export Markets

Brazil Whole Common Ginger - World-Map-001_4.jpg

Our Representative in Brazil

Francielle Rozzatti
Fran is an international businesswoman with specialization in the agribusiness. Having had different industry experiences during her career, she built a holistic knowledge about trading processes from inside out. Do not hesitate to rely your specific product and varied queries to her.

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