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Turkey - Hazelnut Kernel

HS Code:
080222 - Hazelnuts and Filberts (Corylus spp.) - fresh or dried, shelled
$5.70 ~
USD / KG, July 4, 2022

Current Offer Base Prices

Raw 11-13 mm
$5.70 / -

Available Specifications:

Processed Style: Raw
Incoterms: FOB
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A quote is requested by a buyer from Turkey. (10000 metric ton)
May 31, 2022

Our Hazelnut Kernels from Turkey

Hazelnuts have a hard shell encasing an edible seed covered in thin, dark brown skin. Cultivated for over 9000 years, hazelnuts grow best in temperate climates near large bodies of water. Hazelnuts are rich in protein, oleic acid, and antioxidants and are consumed both raw and roasted.

After Hazelnut seeds are separated from their hard outer shells, hazelnut kernels are ready for processing. Hazelnuts can be roasted, diced, mealed, and pureed. Hazelnuts are consumed both as snacks and utilized in a wide variety of bakery and confectionery products.

Our supplier is based in Giresun where the best quality hazelnuts of the world come from. They can provide both Giresun and Levant Quality with short delivery time.
Turkey Hazelnut Kernel - hazel.PNG


Cultivation Type
Giresun, Levant
High Quality
ISO 9001,ISO 22000, HACCP, Halal, Kosher
Processed Style
Raw, Roasted

Our Process and Product


Turkey Hazelnut Kernel - 20F.png



Turkey Hazelnut Kernel - 4F.jpg


Turkey Hazelnut Kernel - Certifications_3.jpg

Top 5 Export Markets

Turkey Hazelnut Kernel - Export_74.jpg

Our Representative in Turkey

Kubra Isguzar
Kubra has long experience working in the food industry. She developed strong skills as an assistant customs broker, with a wide knowledge of customs laws. She has effective communication skills and is always ready to help buyers and suppliers to increase their business overseas.

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