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Egypt - Fresh Mango

HS Code:
080450 - Guavas, Mangoes and Mangosteens, fresh or dried
USD / KG, January 10, 2022

Pre-Season Order Information

Quantity Available
1,000 -
Quantity Sold Last Season
Mango Keitt
Size; 300g up to 1.2kg
packing as per customer request
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Quality & Certificate
Latest Updates:
A quote is requested by a buyer from Turkey. (15 metric ton)
Nov 5, 2021

Our Fresh Mango from Egypt

We have developed partnerships with Egypt’s top suppliers to provide high-quality Mangoes to markets worldwide. From selecting the best in quality, managing the grading, sorting, packing to logistics cctivities, Tridge has the expertise to help you conveniently import Mango from Egypt.

Nothing beats the smell of a fresh pile of mangoes on a warm summer’s day. No matter how one chooses to eat it, the juicy interior with its rich sweet flavor can make anyone feel instantly better.

Egyptian mangoes are a staple every summer, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, Egyptian mangoes come in about 15 different varieties.
The cultivated area of mango in Egypt has reached more than 90,000 hectares.

Egypt's total exports of mango reached 53 thousand tons annually, and Egyptian mangoes are exported to more than 50 countries. Makes it one of the top export fruits in Egypt.
Egypt Fresh Mango - Egypt_-_Fresh_Mango113.jpg


Keitt, Naomi, Kent
Aug -Nov
Green with some red blush
Average 12%
4.5-6.5 kg Carton
Egypt Fresh Mango - %ED%99%94%EB%A9%B4_%EC%BA%A1%EC%B2%98_2021-08-27_170145.jpg

Our Process and Product


Egypt Fresh Mango - 20210730_161449.jpg
Egypt Fresh Mango - 20210730_164326.jpg
Egypt Fresh Mango - Egypt_-_Fresh_Mango10.jpg
Egypt Fresh Mango - %ED%99%94%EB%A9%B4_%EC%BA%A1%EC%B2%98_2021-07-30_092425.jpg
Egypt Fresh Mango - Egypt_-_Fresh_Mango13.jpg
Egypt Fresh Mango - %ED%99%94%EB%A9%B4_%EC%BA%A1%EC%B2%98_2021-07-28_191037.jpg
Egypt Fresh Mango - Egypt_-_Fresh_Mango12.jpg
Egypt Fresh Mango - Egypt_-_Fresh_Mango11.jpg

Top 5 Export Markets

Egypt Fresh Mango - Export.jpg

Our Representative in Egypt

Mahmoud Beshr
Beshr is an experienced logistician and business developer with a proven track record in International Trade with CLTD(Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution). He is fully Skilled in Sourcing, Market Research, Quality Control, and Strategic Planning with an M.Sc degree in Logistics and International Transport. By leveraging his knowledge and experiences, our customers can get the best offers with the highest quality.

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