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January 17, 2022
Though the increased sea freight costs burden the local farmers, Peruvian mango growers already have exported 71,000 MT of mangoes during this season. This figure is 73% more than the same period of the previous season. In this context, the export volume of Peruvian mangoes is expected to reach 200,000 MT by the end of March.

Peru - Fresh Mango

HS Code:
080450 - Guavas, Mangoes and Mangosteens, fresh or dried
$5.47 ~
USD / Box (4kg), January 17, 2022

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Variety: Kent
Grade: Premium Quality
Incoterms: FOB
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A quote is requested by a buyer from Croatia. (4 metric ton)
Jan 22, 2022

Our Fresh Mango from Peru

We have developed resilient partnerships with the most trustworthy farmers from the Northern Coastal Valleys of Peru, allowing buyers to access better opportunities for fresh, processed, or frozen mango products in our trading ecosystem.
Our mango suppliers provide our customers with a myriad of product choices from fresh products to canned and processed (juice, concentrate, dried, etc). Our market experts will accompany and support you throughout the process of your sourcing which includes - sourcing, packing, delivery, etc.
Once the fruit is in the shed, the mango goes through some processes before being sent to the customer, are labeling and washing. Once this is done, the fruits then move on to the fruit selection stage and proceed to the phytosanitary treatment facilities. The exported mangoes undergo rigorous treatments. According to the treatment required by the USDA, after that, the fruits go to a “clean zone”.
After the treatment processes are finished, the mango is then lightly waxed and packed. Our suppliers are making sure to protect the fruits against mechanical damage, allowing ventilation to avoid the accumulation of carbon dioxide and heat, adjusting to the handling rules, size, weight, and being easy to open.
Transport to the customer is done in containers with temperature control between 10ºC and 13ºC and humidity between 85-95%. The hygiene control of the containers is strict, to guarantee the health of the product.
Peru Fresh Mango - shutterstock_1084955549.jpg


Kent, Keitt, Edward, Ataulfo
from orange to yellow ; pinkish red
Cultivation Type
HACCP, GlobalGap, Grasp, Fairtrade, BSCI, Sedex, SMETA, Rainforest Alliance,
SENASA temperature treatment Certification
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Our Process and Product


Peru Fresh Mango - IMG_3628.jpg
Peru Fresh Mango - WhatsApp_Image_2022-01-10_at_7.48.24_PM_1.jpeg
Peru Fresh Mango - WhatsApp_Image_2022-01-10_at_7.48.25_PM.jpeg


Peru Fresh Mango - IMG_3662.jpg
Peru Fresh Mango - WhatsApp_Image_2022-01-10_at_7.50.38_PM.jpeg

Final Product

Peru Fresh Mango - Peru-Fresh-Mango-628263.jpg


Peru Fresh Mango - Peru-Mango.png

Top 5 Export Markets

Peru Fresh Mango - Peru-Mango.png

Our Representative in Peru

Daniel Lopez
Daniel is an experienced trader working in agribusiness for more than five years with experience in Peruvian and Mexican fruits and vegetable markets. He will take charge of delivery of your products from the point of the post-harvest process

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