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January 12, 2022
The production volume of fresh potato is predicted to decrease by 50% in Lebanon due to various factors. The local farmers are reluctant to grow potatoes due to the higher production cost and lower demand. Meanwhile, the average price of potato seeds is between USD 900-1100 per MT.

Lebanon - Fresh Common Potato

HS Code:
070190 - Potatoes - except seed potatoes, fresh or chilled
USD / MT, January 10, 2022

Pre-Season Order Information

Quantity Available
10,000 -
Quantity Sold Last Season
87 -
spunta & agria varieties
Season Starts In
Booking Ends In
Last Season’s Top Importing Countries
United Arab Emirates
Quality & Certificate
premium quality potatoes.
Latest Updates:
A quote is requested by a buyer. (50 metric ton)
Jan 20, 2022

Potatoes from Lebanon

Tridge offers high-quality Potatoes sourced from Lebanon.
Lebanon Fresh Common Potato - 4.jpeg
Lebanon Fresh Common Potato - 3.jpeg
Class 1
45+mm / 55+mm /60+mm
10kg Mesh Bags
Lebanon Fresh Common Potato - 7.jpeg
Lebanon Fresh Common Potato - 6.jpeg
Lebanon Fresh Common Potato - Lebanon-Potato-288600.jpg
Potato is the main exportable product of Lebanon. The two main varieties of Lebanese grown potatoes are Spunta (falling under the "waxy" category) and Agria (falling under the "starchy" category).

Lebanese potatoes' seasonal availability is all year long. Potatoes are mainly grown in the Bekaa region and Akkar plains. The different climatic zones ensure diversity in harvesting periods.

In the past couple of years, Lebanese exports of fresh potatoes have been growing, reaching an annual value of €37 million in 2014.

Usually, Lebanon exports potato in bags in wide-meshed bags weighing between 10 and 15 Kg but also sometimes transported in cartons depending on the country of destination requirements, in reefer containers with the below specifications:

- Temperature: +4 - +8 degrees C
- Ventilation setting: Cubic Meters er Hour: 15- 25
- Relative Humidity: 85 to 95
- Dehumidification: OFF

Our Representative in Lebanon

George Narssis
George has great experience in the F&B sector in the region with buyers, forwarders, and shipping lines. George will bridge cultural differences, language & physical barriers by utilizing his vast connections in Lebanon and the GCC region along with his logistics and supply chain management skills.

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