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India - Milled Rice

HS Code:
100630 - Rice - semi or wholly milled, polished or not
$322 ~
USD / MT, August 1, 2022

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Available Specifications:

Variety: Basmati- Pusa, Basmati - Sella, Pura Basmati - 1121, Basmati - Sharbati, Sona Masoori, PR 11
Grade: 100% Broken
Processed Style: Steamed, Polished (White ), Parboiled, Boiled
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Incoterms: FOB
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A quote is requested by a buyer from Panama. (60 metric ton)
Aug 4, 2022

Our Milled Rice from India

Basmati rice is long grain aromatic rice grown in a specific geographical area, at the Himalayan foothills of the Indian subcontinent. It is thin and long grain rice which makes it stand apart from other species of rice. In India basmati rice sowing, harvesting, cleaning, and packing are still dominantly manual and the abundance of cheap labor available brings the cost of production down. Government notification of rice grown only inside the Indo-Gangetic plain to be called “Basmati rice” and aggressive marketing makes this rice known around the globe.

Basmati rice is grown only along with the Indo-Gangetic plain and west of the Gangetic plain. This region is known for its suitable climate conditions, good monsoon rains, rich agricultural soil, abundant river waters of Indus & Ganges, and their tributaries, vast agriculture suitable fields, and good dry summers. Among the areas, our rice is from the state of Haryana, India’s Basmati Heartland, also as known as the “Rice Bowl of India”

Our facilities take the highest precautionary measures and monitor outsiders in the vicinity to prevent issues related to hazard, hygiene, and infectious agents. We guarantee top-notch quality rice as our supplier holds numerous certificates including 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, Organic EU, BRC, Star-K Kosher, and more. Also, we are offering various forms of rice, including PUSA Steamed Basmati Rice, Swarna Raw Rice, etc.
India Milled Rice - shutterstock_433176037.jpg


Basmati Varieties / Non-Basmati
White / Golden / Creamy / Black
Processed Style
Polished / Sorted / Steamed / Raw / Parboiled
Cultivation Type
Conventional / Organic
Small / Medium / Large
Form & Cut
Whole / Broken
Packaging Type
Jute Bag / PP Bag / Non-Woven Fabric / As per customer's requirement

Our Process and Product

India Milled Rice - India-Milled-Rice-318376.JPG
India Milled Rice - India-Milled-Rice-146923.JPG
India Milled Rice - India-Milled-Rice-618006.JPG
India Milled Rice - India-Milled-Rice-697901.JPG
India Milled Rice - India-Milled-Rice-705312.JPG
India Milled Rice - India-Milled-Rice-914919.JPG
India Milled Rice - India-Milled-Rice-237084.JPG
India Milled Rice - India-Milled-Rice-744408.JPG


Region & Production

India Milled Rice - Rice_India_map.jpg


India Milled Rice - aniket_cert.png

Top 4 Export Markets

India Milled Rice - Milled_Rice_Export.jpg

Our Representative in India

Aniket Karde
Aniket is an accomplished professional with 7+ years of experience in the food and agriculture industry with 4+ years of experience in sourcing coffee from South America and Africa. He has successfully led strategies for sourcing, supply chain management, and business development in domestic and international markets for coffee and raw cashew nut procurement in Colombia & Ivory coast respectively. He has worked in key positions at renowned companies like Olam International and ITC Ltd. His exceptional track record of increasing market share and driving volumes through innovative sourcing strategies and efficient end-to-end supply chain management only goes to show that he is an ideal professional to drive Tridge towards its mission. Aniket is also an alumnus of prestigious B-school IIM Bangalore, India.

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