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India - Milled Rice

HS Code:
100630 - Rice - semi or wholly milled, polished or not
$320 ~
USD / MT, January 24, 2022

Current Offer Base Prices

PR 11 Long-grain Non-Basmati
$550 / -
IR 64 Parboiled: 5%/10%/25%/100% Broken
$320 / -
IR 64 Raw: 5%/10%/25%/100% Broken
$325 / -
Pusa Steam Basmati
$900 / -
1401 Steamed Basmati
$930 / -
1121 Sella Basmati
$850 / -
1121 Golden Sella Basmati
$915 / -
1121 Steam Basmati
$1,000 / -
1121 Pura Basmati
$1,110 / -

Available Specifications:

Variety: PR 11, IR 64, Non Basmati, Basmati- Pusa, Basmati Varieties, Basmati - Sella, Pura Basmati - 1121
Color: White, Golden
Grade: Well Milled, 2% Broken, 5% Broken, Moisture: 14%, 10% Broken, 100% Broken, 25% Broken, Premium Quality, Excellent Quality, 1% broken
Packaging Type: PP Bags (50kg), PP Bags, Jute Sack (Jute Bags), Jute Bag (50kg), As per customer's request, Jute Bag (25kg), PP Bags (30kg), PP Bags (25kg)
Processed Style: Steamed, Parboiled, Polished (White ), Sorted
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Incoterms: FOB
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Latest Updates:
A quote is requested by a buyer from Malta. (600 metric ton)
Jan 27, 2022

Our Representative in India

Aniket Karde
Aniket is an accomplished professional with 7+ years of experience in the food and agriculture industry with 4+ years of experience in sourcing coffee from South America and Africa. He has successfully led strategies for sourcing, supply chain management, and business development in domestic and international markets for coffee and raw cashew nut procurement in Colombia & Ivory coast respectively. He has worked in key positions at renowned companies like Olam International and ITC Ltd. His exceptional track record of increasing market share and driving volumes through innovative sourcing strategies and efficient end-to-end supply chain management only goes to show that he is an ideal professional to drive Tridge towards its mission. Aniket is also an alumnus of prestigious B-school IIM Bangalore, India.

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