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Chile - Fresh Table Grape

HS Code:
080610 - Fruit, edible; grapes, fresh
$2.55 ~
USD / KG, May 29, 2023

Current Offer Base Prices

Green Seedless/XL-J-JJ/8.2KG Carton
$3.85 / -
Red Seedless/XL-J-JJ/8.2KG Carton
$3.57 / -
Crimson/Brix 18+/XL-J /8.2KG Plastic
$2.55 / -

Available Specifications:

Variety: Red Seeded - Red Globe, Crimson Seedless
Color: Green, Red
Grade: Class 1
Packaging Type: Carton Box, Plastic Punnets
Processed Style: Fresh
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Incoterms: CIF
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Latest Updates:
A buyer from Vietnam finalized a deal with Tridge. (54000 kg)
Mar 17, 2023

Product Description

Grapes has always been one of the main export items of Chilean agricultural goods. Along with green/red seedless/seeded and black varieties many licensed sub-varieties are cultivated in Chile at lower quantities. Tridge is offering new and licensed varieties along with classic varieties like Thompson seedless or Crimson with a very reliable quality/quantity.

With perfect conditions from 3rd region to 7th regions in Chile, an area exposed to cold temperatures at night and high exposure to sun during the day. During all years of experience producing grapes, Chilean exporters have improved their cultivation and harvesting processes, technologies and supply chain, that today is a real asset for exporters, and a security for customer satisfaction in terms of the fruit quality at destination.

Chile produces more than 20 different varieties but more than 60% of production is focused in 3: Thompson Seedless, Red Globe and Crimson seedless.

Consumers are every day more aware of nutrition and health, in this sense, our Chilean grape is a great substitute of sugar-contained products, adding also fiber, Vitamins A & C.

Chile is the main source for grapes and here you can find perfect balance between price and quality, also you can find a wide variety to choose from, backgrounded by a high standard from years of export activity of Chilean growers.
Chile Fresh Table Grape - chili1.jpg
Chile Fresh Table Grape - chi2.jpg
Chile Fresh Table Grape - c3.jpg

Key Facts of Our Product

Available Varieties
Red Globe, Crimson Seedless, Thompson Seedless
Class I
Available Sizes
L, XL, J,
8.2kg Carton / Wooden Box
Shipping Method
By Air and Sea
FDA-BRC(British Retail Consortium)
IFS (International Food Standard)
FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification)
SQF (Safe Quality Food Programme)

Our Table Grapes From Chile

Chile Fresh Table Grape - shutterstock_1173173011_edit_2.png


Chile Fresh Table Grape - Archivo_027.jpeg
Chile Fresh Table Grape - Archivo_029_1.jpeg
Chile Fresh Table Grape - Archivo_023.jpeg

Packing House

Chile Fresh Table Grape - Archivo_070.jpeg
Chile Fresh Table Grape - Archivo_055.jpeg
Chile Fresh Table Grape - Archivo_056.jpeg

Packaging & Delivery

Chile Fresh Table Grape - Chile-Table-Grape-697875.jpeg
Chile Fresh Table Grape - Chile-Table-Grape-262016.jpeg
Chile Fresh Table Grape - Archivo_001.jpeg

Our Representative in Chile

Juan Guerrero
Juan Pablo is an Agronomist Engineer with more than 18 years of experience developed working in different countries of Latin America as well as countries of destiny like China, the UK, USA. His solid technical and commercial background in the fresh fruit business, as well as his knowledge of the country, help us to support reliability to supply the products according to needs every buyer demands according to their customer’s needs.

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