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India - Fresh Table Grape

HS Code:
080610 - Grapes - fresh
$8 ~
USD / Box (5kg), January 17, 2022

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Available Specifications:

Variety: Thompson
Color: Green&White
Processed Style: Fresh
Incoterms: CIF
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A buyer from Saudi Arabia finalized a deal with Tridge. (20 metric ton)
Jan 22, 2022

Our Fresh Table Grapes from India

Grape cultivation and exports is one of the established segments in Indian agricultural exports.
India has emerged as one of the leading grape exporters globally, catering to premium grape markets like Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Russia, and USA.
Major grape-growing states in India are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, where Maharashtra ranks first in terms of production accounting for more than 81.22% of total production and highest productivity in the country. Within Maharashtra, Nashik District is the major producer, exporter and accounts for 70% of the area under grapes in India.
India is one of the prominent exporters of fresh grapes to the world.
India exported 246,107 MT of grapes to the world worth USD 313 Millions during the year 2020-21, and is poised to expand further.
India Fresh Table Grape - indian_grape2.jpg


Green seedless (Thompson seedless, Sonaka)
Red Seedless (red globe, Flame seedless)
Black (Jumbo, Sharad)
Sugar value / Brix
Berry size
16 mm and above
5 kg corrugated box (5 kg net, 5.8 kg gross) and punnets
Clam shell (10*500 g per box)
1. BRC
2. Global GAP
3. Rainforest Alliance

Our Process and Product


India Fresh Table Grape - IMG-20211108-WA0026.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - IMG-20211108-WA0012.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - India-Fresh-Table-Grape-991182.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - India-Fresh-Table-Grape-137894.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - India-Fresh-Table-Grape-219940.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - India-Fresh-Table-Grape-583257.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - India-Fresh-Table-Grape-522292.jpg

Packing House and Processing

India Fresh Table Grape - 7F.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - 9F.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - grape_%EC%88%98%EC%A0%95.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - IMG-20211109-WA0018.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - 18F.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - 8F.jpg
India Fresh Table Grape - 10F.jpg


India Fresh Table Grape - Fresh_Grape_Cert.PNG

Top 6 Export Markets

India Fresh Table Grape - Fresh_Grape_Ex.PNG

Our Representative in India

Mansi Naithani
Mansi is an agribusiness professional with strong understanding of Indian agriculture industry. She has handled sourcing, market linkages, and strategic supply chain development for agri commodities with leading Indian conglomerates. With her deep market understanding, product know-how, and excellent relationships with supply chain stakeholders, Mansi will provide you 360 degrees support in reaching global markets.

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